Jim Graham lives here and as a former Bloomington Police Officer, Jims knows that Bloomington is a great place to live and work and he intends to keep it that way.
 He will work hard to ensure that you are secure.

Graham's Security & Patrol

Experts in:
Commercial / Residential
Uniformed or Plain Clothes
Armed or Unarmed
Alarm First Contact
Vacation Home Inspection
Private Property Towing
On Site Training

Securing What Really Matters
Home, Family, Business

Since 1996 Graham's Security & Patrol has offered Bloomington residents more peace of mind. Offering a customized approach to make sure your needs are covered in the best possible way. We understand the need to balance both the level of security and cost.

Graham's Security & Patrol is locally owned and operated. Former Bloomington Police Officer, Jim Graham lives here with his family. Jim knows how great a place Bloomington is to live and work. He intends to help keep it that way. Jim and everyone at Graham's Security & Patrol will work hard to ensure that you and your family are secure.

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Graham's Security & Patrol
Bloomington, Indiana
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